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Energy Maps AI for generation siting and transmission planning

Energy Maps AI

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DNV’s Energy Maps AI offers unparalleled accuracy in a planning and forecasting tool suitable for all renewable sources and all stakeholders

Renewable energy projects have surged in recent years, with ever-more generation resources being integrated into transmission systems. In this rapidly changing environment, accurate up-to-date data is vital for effective decision-making, whether for generation siting, transmission planning or financial forecasting.

Smarter, faster decision-making
If you are a transmission planner, developer, consultant, Independent System Operator (ISOs), Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) or any other stakeholder, DNV’s Energy Maps AI provides all the tools you need.

Energy Maps AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered, web-based digital energy platform that gives you the most accurate geographical representation of the transmission grid available (99.5% accuracy for substation locations). And by delivering comprehensive, consolidated information, the platform supports you in faster, smarter decision-making with reduced manual analysis.

First and foremost, Energy Maps AI gives you a complete geographic visualization for generation siting (solar and onshore wind) and integration planning (offshore wind, wave and tidal). Plus, its innovative features combine historical data and forecasted market information. You can conduct future revenue calculations based on changes in market drivers such as fuel cost, demand forecast, and transmission topology changes.

The full range of data within the platform includes:

  • Substation locations and transmission line routes
  • Generation types and locations
  • Geographic exclusion zones
  • Underlying historical power prices
  • Load flow information
  • Asset owners
  • Resource potential

You can also import and export data for seamless integration with grid data and analytics from other industry tools and platforms.

Accurate and constantly updated
DNV has deep system knowledge of generation and transmission siting and planning. Combining this with AI technology has allowed us to create a tool of exceptional geographical location accuracy. Moreover, we regularly update the tool to include the latest transmission system changes, so our customers benefit from the best possible data.

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