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Community Choice Aggregation


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DNV offers a range of advanced, utility-grade services to support the evaluation, planning, launch, and reliable long-term operation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs.

CCA is an energy supply model that is emerging as a tool of choice for communities seeking to provide a clean and sustainable energy portfolio at low and stable rates, create jobs, and stimulate their local economy. Currently, there are seven states that have enabled CCA legislation, while three others under consideration. Many states have seen, and continue to see, significant interest surrounding CCA—such as California, which has more than 25 counties and major metropolitan centers considering the mechanism. In fact, California’s recent SB350 legislation has new requirements for Integrated Resource Planning that applies to many CCA's. To support the development and operation of advanced, highly-stable and competitive CCA programs, DNV offers strategic planning and implementation, energy market modeling, data analytics, load forecasting, portfolio modeling and optimization, integrated resource planning, utility and ISO coordination, risk management, due diligence, and more. 

Services Offerings:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Integrated Resource Plans
  • Distributed Resource Plans
  • Energy Market Models
  • Strategic Plans
  • Summary Reports
  • Regulatory and Legislative Policy Analysis
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