Environmental management principles

We are committed to managing and continually improving our environmental performance with the overall goal to protect the environment. We focus on fostering a culture where we take responsibility for our environmental performance. The environmental impact is divided into 3 distinctly different areas in relation to - impact of our services, - impact of our operations and - the impact of our employees’ personal behaviour.

Through our services we may positively affect the environment by helping our clients to choose environmental friendly solutions and to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.
We encourage employees to take increasing responsibility for environmental performance through awareness programmes and activities.
In relation to our operation we strive to achieve appropriate and sustainable approaches. We choose environmental friendly solutions when practicable. If such a solution cannot be found, we shall as far as possible apply the solutions with the least negative environmental impact. In case we are undertaking work which may lead to environmental impacts which are different from those of our normal operations - such impacts shall be identified and evaluated. Suppliers and sub-contractors who provide services in compliance with our environmental policies and standards shall be preferred. We work to reduce, reuse, and handle waste in the most environmental friendly manner. We work to reduce energy consumption and emission to air from our operations.
The common Environmental management system for the merged DNV GL group was ready documented early in the 2014. We are in the process of implementing the common system for the whole merged group. 

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