Broad industry expertise - one common vision: Our vision is to have a global impact for a safe and sustainable future. We work towards that vision in a wide range of industries with a particular focus on the ones listed below. Our classification, certification, technical assurance, independent advisory services and software products enable businesses all around the world to become safer, smarter and greener.

Tanker bow

Adding value to the shipping industry

Improving safety and performance

For over 150 years, our number one priority has remained the safety of vessels and offshore structures, their cargoes and crews.

As the leading ship classification society and maritime advisor, we have a wealth of technical expertise to help our customers become safer and more effective. Also, our contribution to international statutory and classification rule-making means that our customers can be confident in complying with today’s standards, while being prepared for tomorrow’s demands.

The maritime industry is constantly changing to become safer, more cost-efficient, reduce emissions, utilize new technologies and adapt to new regulatory requirements. This is why we invest heavily in research and development, working in partnership to find the best solutions for tomorrow. Our customers rely on us to deliver the technical expertise and innovative solutions they need to optimize performance of their businesses.

We assume the responsibility of being the leading class society by sharing knowledge and driving new innovations. So that every day and every year, we can make the industry safer, smarter and greener, together with our customers.

Key services

Platform on the sea

The technical advisor to the oil and gas industry

Enabling safety, reliability and enhanced performance

The oil and gas sector is facing greater technical and business complexity. Supported by oil and gas experts around the world, DNV GL helps customers to tackle these challenges in their projects and operations.

We enable safety, reliability and enhanced performance at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

We drive the sector forward through collaboration, developing industry standards and recommended practices to promote safer, smarter and greener operations.

Key services:

  • Risk management advisory
  • Technical advisory
  • IT risk management
  • Technical assurance - verification
  • Technical assurance - inspection
  • Noble Denton marine services
  • Software
Powerlines and windturbine

Reliable, affordable and sustainable energy

Addressing the energy ‘trilemma’

Over the next 35 years, demand for energy is expected to increase by almost 60 per cent. At the same time, society expects energy to be greener, more reliable and affordable. This is what we refer to as the energy ‘trilemma’.

As a consequence, we must change the way we generate, transmit, distribute and use energy if we are to attain a sustainable future.

With over 90 years in the power industry, we are committed to solving the energy trilemma with leading innovation activities and proven global energy services. These include strategic and technical advice, planning, testing, inspection and certification.

Through our 2,300 energy experts in 30 countries and 10 advanced laboratories, we can assist companies in solving both global and local energy challenges.

Key services:
  • Renewables advisory services
  • Renewables certification
  • Electricity transmission, distribution, smart grids
  • Energy efficiency
  • Digital Solutions

Making food and beverages safe and sustainable

Ensuring a safe and sustainable food supply chain

Our global food system is under pressure from population growth, changing consumption patterns, increasing complexity of supply chains, soil depletion and climate change.

Consumers and regulators, retailers and food manufacturers are demanding high standards of safety, quality and transparency. Companies are increasingly held accountable for their entire value chain. We work with companies from farm to fork on issues from sound sourcing, safety and quality to product sustainability. Our services include certification of food, feed safety and quality management systems to relevant recognized standards.

We help customers to manage supply chain risk, including traceability certification that supports and substantiates the supply chain transparency. Through our product certification services, we verify the safety, quality and sustainability of particular products and assure their sustainable sourcing. The latest addition to our portfolio is a range of water management services.

Key services:

  • Food safety
  • Seafood
  • Supply chain management
  • Supply chain security
Hospital corridor

Improving healthcare

Enhanced person-centred care

Modern healthcare can boast many impressive achievements: from improving cancer survival rates and the eradication of smallpox to the development of innovative treatments and technologies such as antibiotic therapy and organ transplants. However, the increased complexity that is required for the delivery of advanced care comes together with increased risks to patients and staff.

By combining our experience in other safety critical sectors with our deep knowledge of healthcare in over 40 countries, we support healthcare providers to proactively identify and manage patient safety and other quality risks to improve the value of the healthcare they deliver. By adopting systems thinking, organized around the needs of the patient, healthcare providers will be better positioned to consistently deliver tailored healthcare in a sector that is constantly undergoing change.

Our services include accreditation of hospitals and other healthcare organizations. The accreditations are based on our own standards and schemes and are recognized by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as well as ISQua.

We also deliver certification to management system standards that address quality, infection risk, environmental impact, energy management and information security, as well as product certification for medical devices

Key services:

  • Healthcare certification