Safety 4.0

Demonstrating safety of novel subsea technologies

Use case 1: All-electric safety systems

Use case 1 - Safety 4.0
Cameron XT  (source: Oil & Gas Journal)


  • Replacing hydraulic systems with all-electric solutions is estimated to generate significant savings, while also reducing the risk of spills.
  • All-electric solutions provide novel opportunities for diagnostics that may enhance safety, but may challenge existing fail-safe principles.
Use case focus
  • Define example high-level all-electric solutions 
  • Develop alternative safety philosophies for achieving safety equivalent to hydraulic solutions.
  • Identify evidence needed for safety demonstration and develop reusable safety arguments based on the example solutions.
Use case 2: Integration of process control and safety

Use case 2 - Safety 4.0 


  • Separation and independence of process and safety control system is a key safety principle applied in the industry.
  • More compact and integrated solutions have the potential to reduce complexity and cost.

Use case focus 

  • Develop new safety philosophies and better understanding of ways to achieve independence, hardware vs. software separation, and distributed vs. centralized safety functions. 
  • Demonstrate safety for a subsea processing solution where sensors and control elements (hardware and software) are shared between process and safety systems.

Use case 3: To be decided

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