Digital Assurance

The program develops methods and systems which will enable real-time testing, inspection and certification services, and master the complexity and integration of cyber-physical systems to ensure their safe, secure and efficient use.

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The Digital Assurance program is focusing on Emerging Digital Technologies and Cyber-Physical Systems in Autonomous Applications.

Emerging digital technologies
By exploring emerging technologies, we want to explore and prototype automated business assurance, enabling increased transparency in the certification process, faster certification and simplification of the certification process. 

Automated certification services using drones and machine learning e.g. detecting and classifying corrosion and cracks in tanks is also part of this track.

Cyber-Physical Systems in Autonomous Applications
The program develops methods and systems to ensure safe, secure and efficient Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) for a digital and autonomous world. 

Developing a co-simulation platform for Digital Twins will be an important step towards automated testing of CPS and in the end, automated assurance for CPS.


Asun Lera St.Clair
Asun Lera St.Clair

Director, Digital Assurance Research Center, Future of Digital Assurance Program, DNV Group R&D

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