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Protecting the interests of both employers and employees


To protect the interests of both employers and employees, we have set up a specialist committee for aptitude diagnostics with equal representation. The representatives of the energy supply companies receive information there about new procedures or plan procedures to be carried out jointly (pooling of resources). Are you interested or would you like to get involved in the Aptitude Diagnostics Expert Committee?

Technical Assessment Center

With the Technical Assessment Center you can ensure a reliable and valid personnel selection decision and thus valuable resources (time and money). The basis of the procedure is an empirically collected requirements profile. The procedure records suitability characteristics that are critical to success.

Technical Development Center

The process contributes to ensuring the long-term ability of network management employees to work. That's why we also look at the health-related work behavior of your employees. Based on our empirically collected requirement profile, the participants' individual potential curve is compared. This forms the basis for possible (preventive or beneficial) personnel development measures.

Do you have any questions about the procedure, the mobile implementation at your location or the tests used?

We look forward to your inquiry!

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