Frequently Asked Questions

Transformer Loss Calculation Tool

Q1: Which kind of computer can use this tool?
A: Operating system: Windows (Win32 and Win64). Softwares which can open docx-file and csv-file are recommended, for example, Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

Q2: Is the tool for free? How about the copy-right of the provided information?
A: This tool is completely free of charge. Users can use the results generated by the tool at their own wish, without being required to refer to this tool. The generated results are stored in docx-file with tables and figures, the aim is to make it easier for the users to post edit on the results, for example, copy-paste them into their report or presentation slides.
The calculated values by this tool can be used for information only. DNV and ICA disclaim liability for any direct, indirect consequential or incidental damages that may result from the use of the information of data, or from the inability to use the information or data.

Q3: What kinds of transformers can this tool be used for?
A: This tool deals with distribution transformers and large power transformers.

Q4: How to start?
A: The first step is downloading from this official website (DNV). It is a zip-file. You need to simply unzip it, and you can find the file named as “TrafoLossCal.exe”. Double click it to launch the tool. Note there is no need to install, the tool can be directly used after “unzip”. It is highly recommended to read the “user-manual” before using the tool. The “user-manual” can be found by “Help” button in the top menubar of the tool, or in the folder named as “pdf” in the “unzipped” folder. If your tool cannot be launched properly, we recommend that you download the tool again from the official website.

Q5: How to set language?
A: The version 1.0 of the tool contains four languages: English, Chinese (中文), Spanish (Español), and Portuguese (Português). The tool will be distributed in English as default. Users can choose their preferred language by clicking the “Language” button in the top menubar of the tool. The tool will restart itself with the chosen language. If you happened to use one language that you do not understand, you may recognize the language button as “语言” in Chinese, “Idioma” in Spanish, or “Língua” in Portuguese. Please note that the “user-manual” in version 1.0 is only in English.

Q6: I have some questions/comments about the tool, or I would like an updated version of the tool, where can I send a message?
A: Your input is always highly appreciated. Please feel free to send us a message.

Q7: Where can I find the technical backgrounds? Where can I get trainings on relevant areas like transformers and/or power quality?
A: The user-manual of the tool and its references provides a wide range of relevant technical background. You are also warmly welcomed to check “Energy academy” of DNV, which provides in-depth trainings on those and many other topics.

Q8: What are A and B, and how to get them?
A: A and B are the values given by users for their evaluation of the no-load losses (A) or load losses (B) of transformers. References /1/ and /2/ in the user-manual provide information on how to estimate the values of A and B.

Q9: How to get the price of transformer?
A: Users can contact transformer manufacturers for quotes.

Q10: This tool offers different currencies. Is the exchange rate included?
A: No. This tool offers different currencies only for visual purposes. The exchange rates between currencies are dynamic and thus not included.

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