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We take pride in delivering independent insights based on facts and data. Discover below some of our most recent reports, podcasts and opinions from experts across the energy value chain.

  • Corporate energy users

Turning risk into opportunities

Behind every risk there is an opportunity. In this podcast episode, Sven Mollekleiv, Special Adviser at DNV, explains how DNV’s Global Opportunity Report focuses on turning risks into opportunities to support sustainability.

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  • Corporate energy users

What’s next for industrial energy efficiency?

There has been a great deal of thought about how industrial companies can keep delivering improved energy efficiency. And many companies have made great progress. But the question remains, if improving energy efficiency reduces operational costs, why don’t companies do more?

  • Corporate energy users

Internet of lighting within the workplace

With the places where a business’s employees work changing from the office to homes and coffee shops, you would expect that most workplaces would operate differently to accommodate those changes, but that is not always the case. Read on to learn how implementing an internet of lighting (IOL) system can reduce costs.

  • Governments

Best practices for sustainability, climate action and resilience

Traditional utilities and energy providers explore new opportunities with cities to achieve environmental sustainability, energy security, resilience and economic development. Read our report to gain insight into the actions of this transition.

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