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DNVGL-ST-E271: 2.7-1 Offshore containers - sample preview

Download a free sample preview of Standard DNVGL-ST-E271: 2.7-1 Offshore containers (2021 edition), available using the form below.

A new and improved version of DNVGL-ST-E271- the industry’s go-to guideline for designing, manufacturing, testing and certifying offshore containers over the past four decades, is now available.

The improved Standard has been revised in collaboration with dozens of specialist organizations in the offshore container industry to reflect the latest knowledge and best practice in today’s market.

Compliance with DNVGL-ST-E271 should mean that your design will also comply with ISO 10855.

To give you a flavour for how we have improved DNVGL-ST-E271, download a complimentary sample preview.

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