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DNV-ST-F119 Thermoplastic composite pipes


Edition 2019-09 - Amended 2021-09

DNV-ST-F119 describes requirements for flexible thermoplastic composite pipes (TCPs) for offshore applications. 

This standard (ST) is intended to build trust and confidence in TCPs being safe and reliable for use in offshore service. Further, it has the objective of promoting continued innovation and technology development. In order to achieve this, the standard describes how TCPs can meet the technical provisions and documentation requirements of DNVGL-ST-C501, and thus achieving the prescribed minimum safety level.

Descriptive technical solutions are not enforced, as that would hinder technology development and limit the opportunities for industry to find and implement cost-effective solutions.

This standard provides the design philosophy and requirements to specifications of loads and global analysis valid for TCPs. The standard applies to all newbuilt TCP systems and may be applied to the modification, operation and upgrading of existing pipelines and risers.

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