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DNV-RP-F303 Subsea pumping systems

Tentative recommended practice

This is a tentative edition of a DNV recommended practice (RP). Tentative editions apply to new service documents to which DNV reserves the right to make adjustments during a period of time to obtain the intended purpose.

This RP complements existing industry standards for subsea pumping systems. It specifies normative and informative technical requirements for an entire subsea pumping system with pressure rating up to 1035 bar (15 000 psi) and water depths down to 3000 m (9843 feet). It applies to single phase, hybrid and multiphase pump types. 

The objective of this document is to provide a comprehensive specification for subsea pumping systems, simplifying the risk assessment process and increasing reuse of qualified technology. It aims to reduce cost and give predictability and confidence in a subsea pumping system. It also serves as a contractual reference document between purchaser and supplier, offering recommend roles and responsibilities among parties in the value chain to increase efficiency. 

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