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DNV and Arcadis to work for TenneT for many years

Tennet Arcadis DNV agreement

Over the next ten years investments of EUR 13 billion are planned, divided over 400 large projects

Classification expert DNV and consultancy and engineering company Arcadis will help Transmission Service Operator (TSO) TenneT over the next eight years with technical, spatial and specialist work to enable further development of the Dutch high-voltage grid. The total estimated contract value of the framework contract is EUR 300 million, from which nine parties can draw.

The transition from fossil to renewable energy is making great demands on the electricity grid. More and more wind turbines and solar parks are being constructed. In the coming years, electricity consumption will increase as a result of the electrification of society (in industry, mobility and heat pumps) and the decreasing demand for natural gas. The TenneT grid must therefore be expanded considerably. This calls for a great deal of specialized work, such as engineering and various studies, in order to make adjustments, build new substations and expand high-voltage connections.

In addition to DNV and Arcadis, TenneT has therefore decided to enter into a long-term partnership with eight specialized parties. Over the next eight years, these parties will carry out activities such as engineering, (field and soil) survey, acquisition of permits, project and environmental management and specialist studies. By entering into a partnership with these contractors, TenneT can make efficient use of the market for advice, services and products in the preparation of Dutch onshore projects.

"The energy transition is a huge and complex task. With the knowledge and experience we are bringing together, we can make a real impact together with TenneT", says Maurice Adriaensen of DNV. Lidewij de Haas of Arcadis adds: "The energy transition will involve so much extra work in the coming decades that we are actively seeking smart ways of working together to achieve the energy transition."

TenneT Arcadis DNV agreement signing
(l.t.r.) Harm Albert Zanting (Arcadis), Richard Bormans (Arcadis), Marjolein Duijf (Arcadis), Maurice Adriaensen (DNV), Andries van der Wal (DNV)

Tendering procedure

DNV and Arcadis have been working on the preparations for this tender for two years. TenneT's onshore portfolio will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. This will require major adjustments to the Dutch national high-voltage grid. Over the next ten years investments of EUR 13 billion are planned, divided over 400 large projects.