Webinar: Cyber security in ship newbuildings for yards and suppliers (June, 2019)

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Cyber security class notation

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To build a safe vessel today, it is essential that yards and suppliers also consider the cyber security of the control systems on board. Not only have several incidents already shown to have a serious impact on operation, new international and national laws are being introduced which are putting further pressure on owners to include cyber security in their newbuilding orders. It is therefore crucial that yards and suppliers in particular are well informed about what it takes to design a vessel or system which complies with cyber security rules and best practices. The focus on cyber security supports a safe ship and ensures a competitive advantage when it comes to winning newbuilding and conversion contracts.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • A brief introduction on why cyber security is important
  • A sample application of the DNV Cyber Secure Class Notation (CS CN) Basic for core ship systems for a tanker
  • How CS CN requirements are applied to components and what manufacturers should do to comply
  • Ship integration testing after installation of all systems
  • Handover to owner and operational requirements

This webinar is especially relevant for ship yards as well as manufacturers and suppliers of materials and components.

The presenters are Mate Csorba, Global Service Line Leader, Cyber Security; Jarle Coll Blomhoff, Team Leader Systems Engineering; Knut Omberg, Principal Engineer; and Olav Haugehåtveit, Senior Engineer, all from DNV – Maritime.

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