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Building and operating a yacht demands excellence. With DNV at your side, you have a classification partner with the global reach, innovative outlook, and service expertise you need to realize your vision.

The past decade has brought an increasing degree of sophistication in the design and construction of motor and sailing yachts. Exciting prospects for yacht owners, and a big challenge for naval architects and yards. As yachting has become more competitive and prestigious, increasing emphasis has been placed on size, speed, overall performance and passenger comfort, and recently also sustainability. In this complex environment, owners not only want value for money but are also concerned about safety issues. This is where DNV comes in.

Bigger and more ambitious yachts present a significant technical challenge to naval architects and engineers. DNV has the experience and expertise required to support you in all structural and safety matters and, at the same time, set the owner’s mind at rest. For a long time already, DNV has been examining and checking the design and construction of motor and sailing yachts to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Below you will find articles from our Maritime Impact Content Hub, free on-demand webinars, insights into the latest industry topics and much more.

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Dynamic Yacht Platform heralds in a more efficient and customized design process

YACHTS | The ship design and engineering firm C-Job Naval Architects is moving the superyacht ‘fixed-hull platform’ concept a step further. With input from DNV, they are developing a dynamic platform for 50- to 80-metre yachts that works for various hull shapes, saving builders and owners construction time and cost.

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Additive manufacturing makes spare parts easily available for yachts

YACHTS | Layer upon layer: 3D printing enables rapid production of individual parts with shapes that cannot be created by traditional manufacturing techniques. A new supply chain based on digital engineering data promises to make spares and bespoke objects available at lower cost and on short notice.

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Supporting environmentally friendly yachting

YACHTS | The yacht industry is becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to leave a minimal footprint behind leisure travels. As more eco-friendly technologies become available, owners can make more sustainable decisions without compromising on performance and costs

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Balancing expectations in yacht management and newbuilding projects

YACHTS | Improving risk management is of key interest for yacht owners and class can support to go beyond today’s standards. Flexibility and smart tools shall make sure that processes become more effective and efficient. Burgess, one of the leading superyacht brokerage houses, shares thoughts on today’s challenges and how class is embedded in their work.

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Maritime cyber security

Why cyber security is essential for the different maritime stakeholders – watch the video and explore ISM guidance, FAQs and more

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Decarbonize shipping

The pressure is on for the maritime industry to decarbonize. To help navigate these complex challenges, DNV has gathered up-to-date information to help turn uncertainty into confidence.

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Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

The EEXI is to be verified and a new Energy Efficiency Certificate issued no later than the first annual IAPP survey on or after 1 January 2023

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Digitalization in maritime industry

Learn more about DNV’s many digitalized services, including DATE, electronic certificates, smart survey bookings and cyber security solutions

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