Guidelines for regulation of underwater noise from commercial shipping

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The guidelines summarize the findings and recommendations of the AQUO and SONIC projects on underwater noise emission from commercial shipping from the perspective of different stakeholder groups.

Sonic Research

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Focus topics are:

  • Determination of single vessel radiated noise by full scale measurements, model test and computation.
  • Public database of full scale measurements of single vessel radiated noise.
  • Computation of underwater noise maps based on ship traffic AIS data.
  • Methods for impact assessment on marine life.
  • Technical and operational underwater noise mitigation solutions.

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  • D5.4 Guidelines for Regulation
  • D1.1 Development of Experimental Procedures
  • D1.2 Development of Computational Procedures
  • D1.3 Validation Studies
  • D1.4 Case Studies
  • D2.2 Public Underwater Noise Database
  • D2.4 Radiated Noise and Source Level Models
  • D2.5 Full Scale Radiated Noise Measurements
  • D2.6 Tools to Separate Cavitation & Machinery Noise
  • D3.1 Mapping Tool Report
  • D3.2 Maps for European Atlas of the Sea
  • D3.5 Ship Operation Report

SONIC consortium: 

  • Newcastle University, UK
  • CETENA, Italy
  • Chalmers University, Sweden
  • CNR-Insean, Italy
  • DNV GL, Norway/Germany
  • HSVA, Germany
  • MARIN, Netherlands
  • Navantia, Spain
  • Rolls-Royce, Sweden
  • TNO, Netherlands
  • University of Southampton, UK
  • Wärtsilä, Finland 

SONIC was funded by the EC - FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1, Grant Agreement 314394.