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Energy management study 2015

The latest DNV Energy Management Study set out to answer one of the key questions facing the maritime industry today: To actually increase energy efficiency in ship operation, what really matters? The study, based on the input of 80 shipping companies, including ship managers, owners and operators in 24 countries, revealed that only about one third of shipping companies were aiming for energy savings of 5 per cent or more. Such low targets show that companies may be lacking a complete picture of the potential rewards that can be gained with a relatively modest level of investment.

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Energy management study 2015

"Next generation energy management" position paper

Today’s shipping market requirements and environmental legislation is resulting in ever-more complex ship systems and operations. So the question arises: How we can best navigate through this complexity? DNV have employed the exergy concept and coupled this with COSSMOS, a machinery systems computer modelling and simulation framework. Together, they form a novel methodology for assessing the energy efficiency of ship systems more accurately, and can identify high-impact improvement areas for better energy management.


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Next generation energy management