Energy efficiency

Gain an advantage by applying design and operational energy saving measures

Effective energy management benefits all shipping companies either through higher utilisation, lower (bunker) costs or increased charter and freight rates. Companies succeeding with energy management consider the full range of energy saving measures from improved operations up to retrofitting of the existing fleet. The challenge is to identify the measures ensuring the highest savings potential for the company-specific operational profile, vessel type and business models.

Find the right efficiency measures for your needs

Every ship type can profit from an upgrade. We take a holistic approach to analysing specific vessels’ needs. As a starting point, our smart Efficiency Finder tool offers you exciting perspectives.

  • Which performance-enhancing measures fit your ship´s age?
  • What measures are within your available budget?
  • What is your investment time horizon, meaning your planned payback time?

Learn more about which proven measures suit your needs and explore them.

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Effective fleet performance management

With effective fleet performance management, you are better equipped to select the right improvement measures and assess their impact, as well as change staff and crew behaviour. The right solution should support you by identifying why some of your vessels perform better than others in your fleet and against the relevant market segment globally, covering the voyage, hull and propeller and engine & systems as well as fuel quality performance.

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Retrofit options to improve fuel efficiency

Today’s operational profiles require much more flexibility with regards to draught and speed. Newbuildings are optimised for these conditions, giving them a much better cost position than the average current vessels. The retrofitting of ships in operation is therefore essential in order to succeed in this competitive market. With the right retrofit approach you can identify, prioritise and implement the best retrofit measures tailored to your operational profile. These may include retrofitting the bulbous blow, propeller and PIDs.

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A fleet optimised for energy efficiency

Whether you are a ship owner, manager or operator, you have a range of options open to you for optimising the operation of your existing fleet. The selection and implementation of some measures are simple, while other measures are more complex and require advanced methods or tools. In the end, the savings you achieve are very much dependent on how dedicated your organisation and crew is in ensuring that changes are consistently implemented.


The importance of trim

Trim optimisation is one of the most significant measures for saving fuel and cutting emissions. A leading trim solution should encompass on-board trim advice, cargo planning support, trim monitoring and ballast advice. With an easy-to-use, maintenance-free solution tailored to vessel type, hull and propulsion, you have the best basis for effective, cost-efficient trim optimisation at any speed and in any loading condition.


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