Shen Lan Tan Suo

Hailong No.1 (Tianjin) Leasing Co., Ltd.
Shen Lan Tan Suo

The SHEN LAN TAN SUO drilling platform uses the world’s highest strength R6 mooring system, an ultra-high strength of twelve points with an anchor chain. It can be quickly laid in 600-metre-deep water and adapted to global sea operations. The platform utilizes an integrated multi-functional drilling system, and is equipped with a newly developed intelligent operation and maintenance system, which can collect various data on the operating status of the rig in real-time. SHEN LAN TAN SUO was awarded the world’s first-ever Smart notation from DNV.

OwnerYardYear builtLOA
Hailong No.1 (Tianjin) Leasing Co., Ltd.China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.2021110.0 m
BDFlagVessel type
75.0 m40.5 mChinaDrilling Unit

Class notation: +1A Column-stabilised Drilling unit BIS BWM(T) Clean Crane-offshore D-INF(P) DRILL(US) E0 HELDK(S, H) Non-selfpropelled POSMOOR(A) SMART(EEN) MC AUT

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