Moran Yacht Management

This large yacht was built as a passenger yacht (PY) in accordance with the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code Part B. Besides a number of amenities like a cinema, a beach club and a large tender garage, the vessel is outfitted with two helipads, one of which is located on the top deck with the garage built into the main mast. The four 20 V MTU engines deliver a combined thrust of more than 18,000 horsepower and propel the ship to a maximum speed of 20 knots.

OwnerYardYear builtLOA
Moran Yacht ManagementFr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG2021141.6 m
BDFlagVessel type
19.5 m9.7 mCayman Islands

Passenger Yacht

Class notation: 100 A5 Passenger Yacht(PY0) BWM (D2) + MC AUT

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