United European Car Carriers, UECC

The world’s first LNG battery-hybrid powered PCTC, AUTO ADVANCE will place UECC beyond IMO’s target for a 40 percent reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. With dual-fuel machinery, the vessel can run on biofuel and biogas. The Energy Storage System (ESS) as part of the total power system, which includes a dual-fuel engine, shaft generator, dual-fuel gensets and a dual-fuel boiler, will provide power to the main switchboard, peak shaving capabilities for the main engine and the auxiliaries, and offer black-out prevention.

OwnerYardYear builtLOA
United European Car Carriers, UECCJiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.2021169.1 m
BDFlagVessel type
28.0 m13.1 mPortugalPCTC

Class notation: +1A Car Carrier MCDK BIS E0 NAUT (NAV) TMON(Oil lubricated) Gas Fuelled LCS BWM(T) BWM(E(f)) DG(P) Recyclable Battery(Safety)

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