A Polar Class 4 icebreaking bulk carrier, the Canadian-flagged MV ARVIK I has been trading between St. Lawrence River ports and Deception Bay since mid-May 2021, servicing Glencore’s Raglan Mine. This mine resupply vessel is a sister ship to Fednav’s two other Polar Class 4 icebreaking bulk carriers, the MV NUNAVIK (delivered in 2014) and the Canadian-flagged MV UMIAK I (delivered in 2006), which are the most powerful icebreaking bulk carriers in the world. MV ARVIK I is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Tier III main and auxiliary engines, and is compliant with the latest stringent IMO NOx emission regulations.

OwnerOwner's Business PartnerYardYear builtLOA
FEDNAV LIMITEDGLENCOREJapan Marine United Corp., Yokohama Shipyard2021188.0 m
BDFlagVessel type
26.6 m15.7 mCanadaPolar Class 4 Icebreaking Bulk Carrier

Class notation: +1A Bulk carrier BIS BWM(T) Clean COAT-PSPC(B) DAT(-30 °C) DG(B, P) ECO ESP Grab(3-20 t) HC(A) Holds(2, 4 or 3)may be empty Inert LCS PC(4) SAFELASH Strengthened(DK, HA) TMON

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