Naviera Yacht I SL
June - EVIRMA_1288x511

EVRIMA is the first vessel built for the Luxury Hotel Conglomerate Ritz-Carlton and to meet the higher standards in terms of passenger experience, environmental features, crew accommodation, comfort class and survey arrangements. Being a luxury cruise ship vessel, EVRIMA is approximately 200 metres long, equipped with two electric propulsion azimuth thrusters of 4,600 kW each and with two forward manoeuvring thrusters. It is able to accommodate 298 Passengers, a maximum of 560 persons on board in total, and was strengthened to navigate in waters with light ice condition at a maximum draft of 5.75 metres.

OwnerYardYear builtLOA
Naviera Yacht I SLHijos de J. Barreras, S.A.2022190.00 m
BDFlagVessel type
23.78 m8.00 mMaltaPassenger Ship

Class notation: 1A1 Passenger ship BIS BWM(T) LCS(DC)

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