BW LNG II Pte Ltd.
March - SNOW LOTUS_1288x511

This vessel was designed and built to meet higher standards in terms of navigation bridge design and to include very environmental-friendly features. The BW ENN SNOW LOTUS is considered a highly technologically advanced and one of the most environmentally friendly LNG carriers in the world. It is equipped with redundant propulsion, two fixed pitch propellers, and the propulsion is driven by two dual-fuel engines capable of running on LNG as the primary fuel or on diesel fuel. The attained EEDI value of this vessel is approximately 50% lower than the required EEDI value.

OwnerYardYear builtLOA
BW LNG II Pte Ltd.Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.2022294.90 m
BDFlagVessel type
46.40 m26.50 mSingaporeTanker for LNG

Class notation: 1A Tanker for liquefied gas BIS BMON BWM(E(s), T) COAT-PSPC(B) E0 LCS NAUT(OC) Recyclable TMON(oil lubricated) ER(EGR, SCR, TIER III)

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