Offshore wind Joint Industry Project (JIP)

Developing the world's first recommended practice for marine operations in offshore wind farms.

Offshore wind Joint Industry Project (JIP)

Cost reduction: it’s one of the hottest topics in offshore wind, and DNV had this in mind when we proposed to develop a brand new recommended practice for the industry. Aiming to reduce cost and increase safety of all marine operations for offshore wind, DNV encourages the industry to join us in developing the guideline through a Joint Industry Project (JIP).

Join us for an open session to find out more about the initiative: 

DNV Headquarters, Høvik, Norway - date to be confirmed.

The initiative in brief
Marine operations typically contribute to 25-45% of the total investment cost for an offshore wind farm and about 15-20% of the operational costs. It is evident that improvements to best practise of planning and execution marine operations could have a big positive impact on the cost of energy for offshore wind projects, a fact that would be of benefit to the whole industry. Considering the potential for also improving personnel safety, the benefit would be even bigger.

Based on the fact that the industry still is in a development phase, guidance to marine operations-related challenges, drawing on the collective experience of key stakeholders in offshore wind, could help the whole industry to accelerate the learning, perform better and bring cost down. To fill this need, DNV GL are to develop the world’s first Recommended Practice (RP) for planning and execution of Marine Operations in dedicated for Offshore Wind projects together with the industry.

The RP will include guidance for compliance with existing DNV Standards, Rules and Guidelines for Marine Operations in addition to guidance related to specific issues such as guiding & handling systems, dynamic lifts, jacking operations, sea transport and sea fastening, safe and optimized in-field logistics, installation and access vessel requirements (incl. functional requirements, constructability assessments and operational reviews) and logistic requirements for cable installation.

Be an industry partner
Participate in this exciting new Joint Industry Project (JIP), influence and benefit from project insight.

For more information, please contact:

Carl Sixtensson 
Senior Consultant Renewables Advisory, Energy Systems
Phone: +47 90 47 67 55

Johan Sandberg 
Service Line Leader Offshore Renewables, Energy Systems
Phone: +47 918 77 047

Magnus Ebbesen
Senior Consultant Renewables Advisory, Energy Systems
Phone: +47 416 30 570