Market Model Capabilities

Project examples of DNV GL's capabilities

National Grid C&I DSM Achievable Potential Study, 2015 

DNV GL recently conducted an achievable potential study  for National Grid of Massachusetts. This study addressed the technical, economic, and achievable potential for electric and natural gas energy and electric demand savings from company-sponsored commercial and industrial DSM programs over both a 3-year and 10-year period. Wherever possible, the study used data specific to National Grid, including primary phone and on-site data collected from over 400 commercial and industrial accounts. In addition to estimating DSM potential, DNV GL leveraged its DSM Assyst model to develop a dynamic, transparent, user-friendly, Excel-based model that allows National Grid staff to update specific fields as new information and/or program parameters arise. National Grid successfully employed the results of the study as part of the negotiation of goals for the 2016-2018 Statewide Energy Efficiency Program Plan. Download the report

Xcel Energy Colorado and Minnesota Potential Studies, 2011 – 2014

DNV GL completed a DSM potential study for Xcel Energy's Minnesota and Colorado service territories. The study included estimation of technical, economic, and program potential, incorporating stock adjustment and market share modeling methods similar to those used in BPA’s momentum savings studies. DNV GL deployed on-site building stock assessment, as well as customer and vendor surveys to estimate installed saturations and current market share of sales for energy-efficient products. The analysis also included an assessment of emerging technologies and an assessment of demand response potential using the FERC NADR model. Multiple program potential scenarios were developed to assess potentials under different avoided costs and different levels of program effort. The studies were used in Xcel Energy's internal planning and for regulatory filings. Download the report