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Participate in an exciting new Joint Industry Project (JIP), influence and benefit from project insight.

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This Joint Industry Project (JIP) will develop a new Recommended Practice (RP) for Marine Operations in Offshore Wind. The project scope specifics are to be defined and agreed by the JIP participants through a steering committee.

The main preliminary tasks are listed below:

1. Establish a steering committee consisting of members from joint industry project partners.

2. Establish technical working groups for key disciplines within:

  • Load out and port operations
  • Marine transportation
  • Installation
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Decommissioning

3. Establish workgroup stream lines:

  • Technical working groups will establish recommendations that will be included in the Recommended Practice, to ensure safe and cost efficient marine operations within the respective discipline. These recommendations will be established through meetings and workshops.
  • DNV GL will undertake any necessary actions to evaluate and possibly refine suggested recommendations. E.g. if the recommendations are in compliance with relevant rules and standards, perform studies on specific challenges or aspects that are not resolved in the workgroup meetings.

4. Any outcomes based on the work completed by the workgroup stream lines will be included in the new Recommended Practice for Marine Operations in Offshore Wind. A draft version will issued for internal and external review, after which a final version is issued.

Advantages of being an industry partner
JIP partners will benefit from influencing and shaping the Recommended Practice, through participation in technical workshops and discussions to establish recommended practice guidance.

Additionally, all partners in the JIP will:

Receive all notes, memos and interim reporting issued throughout the project containing the technical case study, reviews and discussions of the various issues.

Have an opportunity to comment on the Recommended Practice before it is issued.

DNV GL invites industry partners to participate for a one-time fee of €45,000. The participation fee is based on a minimum of 8 partners in the JIP. The budget and scope will be managed by a steering committee and may be adjusted depending on the final number of joining participants.

Time schedule

  • Joint Industry Project launch: October 2014
  • Draft report and external review: October 2015
  • Recommended Practice issue: January 2016