The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive: Are You Ready?

If your business employs more than 250 people, or has annual revenues of over €50 million, then you’ll need to comply with EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU — and do so by 5 December 2015. Yet many businesses aren’t aware of this, or don’t understand how to comply.
EU Energy Directive

For more detail, download our handy 2 page guide summarising the Directive’s key requirements (PDF 2.87 MB)


What the Directive calls for: Businesses must conduct energy efficiency audits every four years. The first of those audits is to be completed by 5 December 2015.

The challenge: The Directive isn’t a single piece of Europe-wide legislation, but a framework to be drafted into national member state law. And EU member states are doing that at different speeds — and with subtly different requirements, penalties, certification regimes, and notification procedures.

The problem: It means that it’s difficult for companies to get a single Europe-wide view of what they have to do to comply. Meaning that there’s a very real risk of inadvertent non-compliance.

The solution: Talk to us. We have a proven offering, and a team of experts who can provide you with reliable and up-to-date information on the Directive’s energy audit requirements, compliance options, exemptions, subsidies, and fines for non-compliance for every EU country in which your business operates.

Compliance support: Based on our EED Article 8 database, we have a clear view on the legal requirements regarding energy audits for large enterprises in all EU Member States. Based on these requirements and a mapping of all the organisation’s legal entities (including size and annual turnover), DNV GL can assist in developing a compliance plan for multinational organisations: what does the organisation need to do in order to be compliant in each Member State?

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For more detail, fill out the form to receive our handy 2 page guide summarising the Directive’s key requirements.

EU Energy Directive
PDF 2.87 MB, fill out the form to receive a free copy by email
As a proven third party service that helps companies across Europe to understand the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, it means that we can provide all our colleagues in different countries with an easy-to-use report so that we have a common understanding of the Directive’s requirements, and of what needs to be done.”
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