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Tony Mercer

Tony Mercer

Head of Control, Turbine Engineering

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To make the transition towards a cleaner energy future, energy generated by wind will play a big role and DNV predicts that worldwide energy demand will have reached 430 exajoules (EJ) by 2050 and that 28.5% of all electricity production will come from wind energy.

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Let's talk!

Tony Mercer

Tony Mercer

Head of Control, Turbine Engineering

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Renewables’ project owners and developers are rightly demanding greater transparency from their suppliers in order that they can better drive optimisation and assessment of their assets at all project stages, and the good news is that there are now tools available to help.
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Expertise in action: developing software that meets YOUR needs
Although wind farm costs have reduced by 66% since 2009, cost reduction continues to be a key theme within the wind industry. Wind growth depends strongly on continuing these cost-reduction trends.

In DNV, we have developed a suite of software tools inspired by a broader view. Our solutions support a variety of business-critical activities, including design and engineering, optimisation and portfolio management, to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our latest generation of wind turbine, wind farm and, soon, solar farm design and assessment software tools, all expose world respected modelling and analysis functions through user scriptable interfaces. Opening up the software in this way has been high up on our tech savvy customers’ wish lists for a while and now they’re in the driving seat: creating new ways to combine, automate and optimise across wind turbine and wind farm technology – getting the right equipment in the right places. For life.

We’re also working hard to meet the needs of the rapidly transforming renewables’ design and analysis market with more flexible licence leasing and cloud integration built-in. Just pay for what you need and enjoy the huge compute flexibility on offer from Amazon and Microsoft or, if you’re so inclined, your own in-house high-performance computing rigs. Importantly, we’ve taken on board customers’ model confidentiality concerns and built in encryption at the component level for data at rest and in transit – vital for trust in studies across the supply chain and a key enabler for secure cloud scale out.

DNV and wind  
By giving all of our tools a common language to enable them to interact with each other, we can carry-out complicated design optimisations, considering more variables in a shorter timeframe to further reduce wind energy costs.

DNV’s WindFarmer wind energy assessment software can make wind farm layouts more cost effective, by maximising each turbine’s capability using our leading turbine design package, Bladed.

By employing turbine control optimisation algorithms, it’s possible to overcome challenges like the constraints of the electricity grid.

WindFarmer, has been used by over 800 companies and we support over 500 Bladed users worldwide.

Some of the things Tony can help you with:

  • Wind, solar and tidal resource assessment 
  • Wind and tidal turbine modelling
  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis across your entire wind and solar portfolio.

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