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Meet Tao Ni...

Tao is one of our wind experts, working in Renewables Certification. In this role, he is involved in various offshore wind and wind turbine type certification projects, mainly in Asia. In addition to drawing on previous experience from the oil and gas industry, Tao uses his dual role as both a structural engineer and a project manager to better serve his customers.

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Tao Ni

Tao Ni

Project Manager Renewables Certification

Did you know?

Today’s largest wind turbines can deliver up to 8 MW of power, and the aim is to produce turbines that can deliver up to 16 MW within the next 5-10 years. This goes hand-in-hand with the DNV GL Energy Transition Outlook (ETO 2018) prediction that 80% of global electricity production will be powered by renewable sources in 2050.

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Contact us:

Tao Ni

Tao Ni

Project Manager Renewables Certification

If everyone from now on contributes a little to the green, we will make a much greener future.
Tao Ni,
  • Renewables Certification in Asia
  • DNV

Expertise in action: a project case
Calling on our global expertise
In order to avoid costly project delays, the issuance of certificates is usually on a strict timeline.

In a recent case, however, DNV GL was given short notice by a customer that a certificate originally agreed to be delivered in 6 months was needed within 3 month instead. A tight deadline that was difficult to meet without compromising on quality!

Taking proactive actions, DNV GL utilized our global expert pool and worked closely with the customer to help them meet technical requirements. The certificate was issued right on time... and still up to standard, holding true to our value of never compromising on quality or integrity!

As a result, the customer was able to keep their customer happy, and everyone benefited.

DNV GL and wind industry
The wind industry is developing fast. Turbines are getting bigger and offshore wind farms are being built further offshore. Those offshore wind farms are increasingly deployed in harsher environments, facing such things as typhoons, deeper waters and seismic zones. All this mean the risks are increasing.

Since our founding in 1864, DNV GL has specialized in dealing with risk. We establish trust and confidence amongst stakeholders, and are involved in everything from designs, to manufacturing, transportation, and installation. Our certification services play an important role in minimising the number of design errors and creating confidence in the industry among manufacturers, developers, owners, finance and insurance companies as well as regulatory authorities.

DNV GL supports global wind turbine manufacturers, as well as project developers and financiers of wind projects and wind farms.

Some of the things Tao can help you with:

  • Component, type and project certification for wind assets as wind turbines/farms, floating wind turbine/farm, HVAC (High-Voltage Alternating Current), HVDC (High-Voltage, Direct Current), submarine cables, and wind turbine related components
  • Wind-related technical standards and certification schemes and requirements in different countries and regions
  • Certification of your novel design and technology

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