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Meet Steve Jones...

Steve is one of our renewable energy experts. He leads DNV’s world class testing and measurement teams dedicated to improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of wind, solar, and power storage technologies.

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Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Business Line Director

Did you know?
We have analyzed more than 65 GW of operating wind assets and we test hundreds of batteries annually at our laboratories.

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Contact us:

Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Business Line Director

DNV's wind andbattery testing
Project developers, owners, lenders, and investors need to know that the equipment and technologies they use in their projects will be reliable and generate power according to expectations. DNV measures solar and wind resources, wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and associated equipment to provide the industry with unbiased data and information about performance, durability, and energy production. Our wind testing primarily occurs in the field, testing wind turbines for performance relative to warranty, and prototype machines, so manufacturers can better understand real-world performance. Our main battery testing laboratory is in Rochester, New York.

In 2050, we predict that more than two thirds of global electricity production will come from wind and solar energy sources. Despite this optimistic outlook it is not enough to achieve the climate objectives of the Paris agreement to limit global warming to below 2°C.
Steve Jones,
  • Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America
  • DNV

Some of the things Steve can help you with:

  • Testing your wind turbines – are they producing as expected?
  • Field measurement of wind and solar resources – is your site as good as you hope?
  • Testing battery cells, modules, and packs – do they have the lifespan you need? What happens when they are in a fire?
  • Wind and solar power project feasibility assessment
  • Testing older wind turbines to assess their suitable for useful life extension

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