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Lucy Craig

Lucy is Senior Vice President of Growth Innovation and Digital, overviewing the technical and innovative activities the Energy Systems is involved in. This ranges from supporting wind turbine manufacturers in the design of their next generation products to defining climate action roadmaps for cities.

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Lucy Craig

Lucy Craig

Director of Growth Innovation & Digital

Did you know? 
Accelerating the energy transition is an urgent necessity if we are to avoid climate catastrophe but first we need to overcome the challenges that a dramatic increase in wind and solar energy brings.

Expertise in action:
We urgently need to prepare for a rapid increase in variable renewables, not only because of the climate challenge, but also because of the increased dependency of society on electricity. A combination of solutions is needed, including improved prediction of renewable power generation levels, demand response to react to excess renewables and shift electricity usage during peak periods.

Energy storage as an enabler:
Battery storage itself is not a new concept. But today’s developments are set to have a huge impact on the energy transition. With batteries taking a more critical role in electricity supply, it will become increasingly important to ensure that the performance of these batteries can be reliably verified using independent data.

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Lucy Craig

Lucy Craig

Director of Growth Innovation & Digital

We urgently need to prepare for a rapid increase in variable renewables, where a combination of solutions is needed.
Lucy Craig,
  • Senior Vice President of Growth Innovation and Digital
  • DNV

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