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Jason is Global Segment Leader for Energy Storage, with more than 15 years of experience in the cleantech energy sector, including storage, renewables, and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Jason Goodhand

Jason Goodhand

Global Business Lead Storage

Did you know?
To close the emissions gap to well below 2°C, DNV believes a combination of measures can get us there, including a 50-fold increase in production of batteries for the 50 million electric vehicles is needed per year by 2030, plus investments in more storage and balancing solutions to accommodate the growth of solar and wind power.

Expertise in action: 

Why battery safety is important
With recent news of fires at large battery energy storage system (BESS) installations around the world, safety is becoming a very real and important issue in the industry for many project owners, developers, and EPCs. Careful design, protection systems, monitoring, operation, and maintenance can promote BESS safety. More education, communication, support, and guidance are also needed to ensure effective collaboration among all stakeholders. 

Our experts test, model, and analyze the data—looking at the worst-case scenarios to determine, if the correct materials are selected, the fencing perimeter is adequate, the extinguishing method and media are appropriate, and if the design is prone to cascading. 

Creating a roadmap for battery buyers
DNV released the industry’s first annual Battery Performance Scorecard in 2018, providing independent ranking and evaluation of battery vendors based on testing performed in DNV’s laboratories. The Scorecard—which stems from the deep experience in battery testing at the BEST Test & Commercialization Center in Rochester, New York—provides confidence in the quickly growing battery market and provides a roadmap for battery buyers to manage and operate specific battery technologies and estimate warranties and replacement costs. 

DNV recently released its 2019 Battery Performance Scorecard, which you can download here.

In addition to deep testing and evaluating the latest commercial lithium batteries our team has experience performing technical evaluations on flywheels, flow batteries, fuel cells and many other energy storage devices to help clients understand the state of new entrants into this technology space. 

DNV’s energy storage expertise
Our energy storage experts work with manufacturers, utilities, project developers, lenders, communities and regulators to identify, evaluate, test and certify systems that will integrate seamlessly with today’s grid, while planning for tomorrow. Through our dedicated labs and expertise around the world, we have created an industry-leading combination of analytical and testing experience that gives us a unique advantage in finding energy storage solutions.

Jason can help you with expertise across the entire energy storage lifecycle:

  • Feasibility, Modeling & Strategy
  • Testing (Performance and/or Fire safety)
  • Project/Technology due diligence
  • PPA/Warranty negotiation
  • Development & engineering
  • Construction
  • Operations/Monitoring

Learn more at www.dnv.com/storage.

Contact us:

Jason Goodhand

Jason Goodhand

Global Business Lead Storage

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