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As the Global Solar Segment Leader, Dana leads and supports all solar initiatives, including the evolution, performance, and reliability of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies for DNV - Energy. This ranges from supporting projects in technical due diligence of floating solar or bifacial modules and systems, to operational assessments of system performance and losses as well as the data analytics that enable insights into the value solar, etc.

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Dana Olson

Dana Olson

Solar Segment Leader

Did you know?
Solar is the fastest growing type of electricity generation, and is projected to meet one third of the world's total electricity demand by 2050 reaching 19 PWh of generation, as identified in our Energy Transition Outlook. 

Expertise in action
Solar technologies are rapidly evolving, which promise to deliver higher yield and value for solar assets.  Technologies such as bifacial modules, higher power string inverters, advanced tracking algorithms, and battery energy storage can all increase the value of solar projects.  However, deciphering the wealth of product and testing data and utilizing this to develop systems right for a given site and market is becoming increasingly more challenging.  Robust system monitoring and advanced data analytics are improving system yield and lowering operation and maintenance costs.  We are actively working with the solar industry to translate these opportunities into bankable value.

Facts on the state of the solar industry?
In dynamic energy markets with high levels of PV generation, solar + storage systems are already outcompeting gas peaker plants.  This is yet another turning point for the solar industry, setting up scenarios where solar can be setting markets prices while the sun shines and even after the sun goes down.

The future of solar is...
Low-cost and dispatchable.  Solar will help enable a resilient, low carbon energy economy through continued decreases in system costs, especially when coupled to storage and other dynamic grid integration technologies.

Contact us:

Dana Olson

Dana Olson

Solar Segment Leader

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