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Al-Karim is one of DNV GL’s leading senior energy management experts. Together with 30 energy efficiency experts in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Middle East and South Africa, Al-Karim delivers energy efficiency and demand side reduction projects for industrial companies, utilities, multilateral banks and governments to help decarbonize and make organisations more energy efficient.

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Al-Karim Govindji

Al-Karim Govindji

Director, Energy Management, NEMEA

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The EU has set itself a 20 percent energy savings target by 2020. This is roughly equivalent to turning off 400 power stations. But providing a clean reliable energy supply is a tough challenge. One that requires innovative thinking on balancing supply and demand.

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Expertise in action: 
With our policy, industrial energy management, environmental compliance, DSM and load research expertise services, we help a huge variety of businesses. Whether it’s assisting one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing companies in cutting 360,000 metric tons of C02 emissions annually, or the Energy Service Company (ESCO) accreditation of 19 energy firms in UAE, enabling the country to work towards its target of 30% energy efficiency improvement by 2030. 

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Al-Karim Govindji

Al-Karim Govindji

Director, Energy Management, NEMEA

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Succeeding with a rapid energy transition that decouples carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from economic development is key to the fulfillment of all the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Understanding this energy transition is critical for businesses, investors, and regulators. A more efficient use of energy is one of the most important defining features of the energy transition.
Al-Karim Govindji,
  • Director, Energy Management

DNV GL and Energy Management
At DNV GL, we help businesses to use energy more effectively. Our experts help businesses from industrial to utilities and everything in between, to ensure their operations are efficient and robust – while local and international regulations and standards, such as ISO 50001 are met. Together, we are committed to helping businesses and consumers to save more energy, accelerating the path to a cleaner energy future.

Some of the things Al-Karim can help you with:

  • Industrial energy management including strategic energy and decarbonization roadmaps. To date, we have identified more than 200 GW energy savings in energy audits
  • Online tools, such as MEET8, to help organisations reach European energy efficiency compliance. We have developed more than 50 EU energy efficiency directive compliance plans
  • Supporting regulators and utilities on electricity and water demand side response through data analytics and roll-out of metering infrastructure
  • Working with international governments and multilateral banks, such as the World Bank, the EBRD and IRENA on market assessment or policy mechanisms that accelerate energy efficiency deployment
  • Energy efficiency programme development and implementation, in the US and Europe.  We have created 2.13 TWh of electricity savings through utility energy efficiency programmes in the United States and supported Smart Meter implementation globally.

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