Preparing for the informal Energy Ministers Council in Tallinn:

How should Member States be involved in the future regional cooperation in Transmission System Operation?
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Brussels, 13th of September

At the informal Energy Ministers Council in Tallinn (Sept. 19th to 21st) ministers will discuss whether the regional cooperation of Member States should be strengthened, to align with ongoing and increasing cooperation on Transmission System Operation. But how could such a regional cooperation of Member States be designed? This will be a decisive question for the future electricity supply in Europe.

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In last year’s Clean Energy Package, the EC has proposed a set-up for Transmission System Operations involving Regional Operational Centres (ROCs), that largely integrate a set of TSO functions across geographic regions. TSOs advocate a more bottom-up approach through coordination of TSO activities, building upon the current Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs).
Governance of cross-border (regional) system operation remains an important issue. The Estonian presidency has now put this question on the agenda of the energy ministers for the council in Tallinn.

In preparation of this it will be discussed at our lunch time meeting how the options for such regional cooperation of Members States could look like.

Basis for the meeting’s topics are the original proposal for ROCs (EC), existing ideas for regional cooperation, and the questions raised about governance of regional system operation recently by the Estonian EU-presidency.

Goal of the discussion
Have a transparent exchange of views (by means of various presentations from guest speakers) on the future of regional cooperation of transmission system operation in the European Union, and try to find common ground for moving forward.

Venue & Timing
The session will be organized in Brussels on 13th of September between 12.00 and 13.30 in the Sofitel Brussels Europe.