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DNV GL is proud to announce that its Segment Director Future Transmission Grids Peter Vaessen will give his inaugural lecture as a full professor of the Technical University of Delft (TUDelft) on November 29, 2017. Professor Vaessen is taking up a part-time chair in the university’s renowned Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. Open to all comers, his talk looks at the evolving challenges and continued need for high-voltage transmission grids as the world transitions to a greener energy future.

The future is electric
Peter VaessenThe electric power system - the largest man made machine on earth - is changing fast due to exponential growth, modular technology and hybridization. There is an unstoppable shift towards electricity as the “fuel of choice”, globally it will more than double over the next 35 years. Variable renewables will become abundant and dominate the electricity generation. Power electronics start to change the way power system are operated due to their superior controllability.

As big and small technology, will develop in parallel and the power system is increasingly becoming more complex with evermore and deeper interdependencies with other infrastructures, this inevitably creates a huge transformational shift of the more than 100-year-old system as we know it today. 

In the lecture the above-mentioned trends are presented in more depth, the consequences of hybridization of the power system are highlighted with respect to central and dispersed variable generation, overhead and underground transmission and distribution, power delivery - in the form of AC or DC - and protection and control.

The consequences of this transition for the power system are presented, as well as the challenges in component and system development and its verification and testing. New research areas, research tools and infrastructures are presented, needed for a greener, more affordable and more accessible electricity supply of the future.

And finally, the question is answered if transmission grids are still needed in the future.

Live stream
Professor Vaessen will give his inaugural lecture at 15:00 on 29 November at TUDelft. It is open to the general public, and can also be followed online here.

Hybrid Grids

Hybrid grids: An introduction

by Peter Vaessen, DNV GL’s Segment Director for Future Transmission Grids

Live stream inaugural speech (available Nov. 29, 3PM)

Transmission grids still needed in the future?


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Hybrid Grids

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