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Operational forecasting and operational scenarios - Synergi Plant - Performance Forecaster module

Operational forecasting of system performance - understanding asset reliability trends

Operational forecasting

Operational forecasting empowers companies to make informed decisions about their asset strategy by forecasting system performance. The Performance Forecaster module in Synergi Plant allows companies to move models that have been created during the design phase to the operational phase. The model, which can calculate the performance and identify trends of underperforming production-critical elements, will then benefit from operational data. This allows the model to get closer to the real-plant operation and include complex operational scenarios.

Operational scenarios - plant-wide reliability models

With the Performance Forecaster module you can perform operational forecasting and utilize plant-wide reliability models defined in Maros and Taro, DNV's leading RAM analysis (reliability, availability, maintainability) software products. Our software provides robust forecasting capabilities with the powerful simulation engine that included a vast number of operational scenarios. A multitude of key performance indicators are available, giving an extensive view of the plant performance.

The three main results are:

  • Production efficiency, availability and utilization: to track asset performance
  • Criticality analysis: to rank contributors to production loss, allowing for prioritization of resource allocation
  • Net Present Value: to understand cost trends related to revenue and predicted operational expenditure

With our Performance Forecaster software in Synergi Plant you can:


  Synergi Plant - Performance Forecaster flier

Synergi Plant - Performance Forecaster flier

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Synergi Plant modules

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