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Integrity management dashboard - Synergi Plant

Dynamic dashboard for KPI, asset condition, risk and job status, trends and statistics

Plant integrity management dashboard

With Synergi Plant’s Dashboard module you can monitor and justify integrity management investment by dynamic dashboard for KPI, asset condition, risk and job status, trends and statistics. Standard and user-defined graphical widgets are available. These allow you to track the change of asset condition, risk status, job status and count, inspection and maintenance plan, failures in the history, and many other valuable outputs from a single system.

Each module in Synergi Plant has its module-level dashboard, and there is a system-level dashboard for all modules. Dashboards can be defined as pages and rows, with drag-and-drop capability to layout, user-definable charts from various data sources and drill-down links to details.

What you get with plant dashboard software

  • Standard KPI and traffic lights for asset condition, risk, and job status
  • User-definable data source and graphical widgets
  • User-definable dashboard pages for all Synergi Plant modules
  • Capability to track the change of risk, number of inspections, financial benefits of implementing RBI or RCM, and many other flexible charts to monitor and report statistical data from Synergi Plant
  • Specific dashboard for facility, RBI, inspection, and RCM modules
  • User and user group level charts in the dashboard
  • User-definable traffic light attributes and dashboard colour mappings
  • Filter on graphical charts
  • Drill down to data list or specific data screens


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