DNV offers a number of verification services, such as verification of sustainability reporting, risk-based verification of field developments, risk-based verification of pipelines, risers & subsea facilities, risk-based verification of process systems, and verification & certification of products & equipment, and more.
  • Risk-based verification of pipelines, risers & subsea facilities

    DNV’s transparent and fully independent approach to verification on pipeline, riser and subsea facilities will help reduce and manage risk, thereby ensuring successful subsea projects.

  • Risk-based verification of process systems

    Process systems require special attention during new-build and/or operations phases, especially when modifications are carried out. DNV has extensive experience in topside design verification, fabrication and installation surveys worldwide.

  • Verification & certification of products & equipment

    DNV provides a full range of services for all types of systems and equipment, either custom-made or of standard supply to ensure that products and equipment delivered to site are to the right specifications and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Rules & standards

    DNV has developed rules and standards for ships for more than 140 years, and is a world leading classification soctiety. DNV also develops rules and standards for the offshore industry, particularly within oil and gas field development, production and transportation.

  • Carbon credit validation and verification

    Carbon credit validation and verification is a third party service related to the compliance market, regulating emission allowances and offsets according to the Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms , the European Directive on Emissions Trading (EU ETS) or voluntary emission reductions.

  • Independent Software Validation and Verification

    Trustworthy operation of your technical system is dependent on reliable and safe software. Independent Software Validation and Verification (ISVV) imply verification and validation in addition and complementary to that carried out by the software developer, which will produce better software for less money. DNV provides independent software assessment, verification and validation of your technical system based on best-industry practice combined with a comprehensive experience in safety and mission critical systems.