The Environmental Management software module in Synergi Life is built with best practice knowledge in mind, for compnies that need to respond to environmental challenges.

Synergi Life Environmental risk software
Synergi Life Environmental Management software module

Important company benefits

The Environmental Management software gives companies important benefits. Companies' response to environmental challenges are becoming more and more important as a key factor for evaluation, understanding and public perception of their image and ability to succeed.

Application of the Environmental Management software module:

  • Suitable for companies and organisations of all sizes

With the environmental management module users will be able to periodically record waste production and substance consumption. It is also easy to report periodical results and align the actual values with specific goals in a given time frame.

The Environmental Management software module will help your company in three important ways:

  • It will enable your company to become a leader in sustainability reporting
  • It can save money on energy costs
  • It eliminates the complications and extra work involved with aggregating spreadsheet data

Key functionalities of the Environmental Management software module include:

  • Reporting and monitoring of periodic environmental influence
  • Reporting and monitoring of Acute influence to environment through incident management
  • Balancing performance against targets
  • Environmental Audits (ISO 14000 series)
  • Efficient system to support and strengthen internal and external environmental profile
  • Simple reporting and analysing of Incidents, periodic activities and indicators
  • Calculation of normalised values and KPIs
  • Aggregation and alignment of KPIs and performance data across units, sites, processes etc.
  • Automatic unit conversions and aggregation of consumption data
  • Automatic calculation and aggregation of greenhouse gas emissions

Environmental Performance Report

Full environmental management process integration

The Synergi Life Environmental Management software module will support in all phases, from planning, conducting, monitoring and measuring of progress for Environmental & Sustainability activities. It will allow companies to follow all environmental issues from unplanned spills to measuring of constant energy, material and water consumption to waste handling and monitoring of releases and emissions. When information is registered, it will be used to create a number of KPIs & frequencies and balanced against identified targets and historical trends and performance.

All proactive environmental management activities like Environmental impact assessment, Life cycle assessment, and environmental audits can be handled in the system. Risks, non-conformancies, and observations are analysed, classified and evaluated to document weak spots and improvement areas. The integrated action management feature will allow companies to create full environmental improvement plans with cost/benefit analysis, due dates, responsibility identification and a follow up process with automatic notifications and reminders.

Analysis, performance indicators and reports availability

Periodic measure and analysis of performance data will help companies identify areas of immediate and controlled attention. And when needed, Synergi Life will support the deviation and permit management process to control short and long term deviation needs. The data input forms combined with the inbuilt search, reporting and favourites functions in Synergi do accommodate most compliance requirements for internal and external stakeholder and authority reporting.