Next generation asset integrity management.

Synergi software - manage, track and act on the condition of your assets. Risk and asset integrity management.

Applications of the Synergi software:

  • Oil platforms, fixed and floating structures
  • Factories
  • Processing plants
  • Pipelines

Take control with our risk dashboard

Without a clear overview of the integrity of components and systems and the risk of failure, managers are unable to ensure safe operation of their companies’ assets. DNV GL - Software offers comprehensive asset integrity software, to manage and track the condition of fixed and floating offshore structures, ship hulls, onshore and offshore pipelines and static process equipment. Life cycle management solutions help you to manage information, identify risks and make qualified decisions using configurable and scalable engineering software, accessing all relevant asset data, current and history.


Best Engineering Practice in a life cycle context

DNV GL's life cycle management solutions are aiming to meet the above challenges by providing services and software solutions for operators to:

  • Make the right decisions in managing the asset
  • Plan the management of the assets
  • Perform the management of the assets
  • Enhance the performance of their assets
  • Have access to all relevant asset data, current and history
  • Have integrity status overview
  • Enable transparency of asset data within and outside of company borders


Synergi Pipeline

Take control from well to terminal with Synergi Pipeline, the software that enables responsible and efficient pipeline operations, documents risk, and gives a clear overview of the integrity of pipelines, components and tanks.

Synergi Structure

software manages the structural integrity of floating and fixed offshore assets.

Synergi Plant

Next generation plant integrity solution

Synergi Project

Synergi Project software is made for efficient collaboration in ship design, ship building and aftermarket - A ship design project involves collaboration on a massive scale.