Sesam offshore engineering software


Innovative offshore engineering made easy

Strength Assessment

DNV GL's Sesam software is a complete strength assessment system for engineering of ships, offshore structures and risers based on the finite element methodology.

Life cycle management using concept technologies

Sesam software is a life cycle management system delivering strength assessment and operational management from design to operation to decommissioning. Sesam software covers a structure's entire life cycle delivering engineering software support in design, structural re-analysis systems, modifications and repair, input to the operational phase, emergency response and decommission.

Using concept technologies in computer aided engineering has proven to be cost-efficient in all the design phases, since the same concept model can be used with different complexities.

Market driven development

While the Sesam software has evolved as a market-driven modular system enabling users to invest in a package of selected modules, integrated packages have also been developed to cover specific needs.

This allows for tailor-made Sesam installations to maximise features in a cost-efficient way. The packages share a common look and feel, which makes the system intuitive and easy to learn. All packages cover in-place, installation, transportation, accidental conditions and operational aspects.


Sesam GeniE

Engineering for the future - Sesam GeniE software is a tool for designing and analyzing offshore and maritime structures made of beams and plates.

Sesam GeniE Lite

Sesam GeniE Lite software - Design steel structures made from beams and plates

Sesam HydroD

Stability and hydrodynamic assessment of floating structures - engineering safety in floating conditions


Sesam CAESES - model, solve and optimize designs upfront

Sesam DeepC

improved confidence in deep water concepts. Optimum conditions for moorings, risers and marine operations

Sesam Marine

Manage risk of marine operations with visual simulation of calculations

Sesam Pipeline

Software for ultimate strength and fatigue analysis of offshore pipelines

Sesam Wind

Sesam Wind software for offshore structures - Software for ultimate strength and fatigue analysis of offshore wind turbine sub structures

Sesam Probability

A variety of methods aimed at different types of probabilistic analysis