40-years experience of worldwide offshore accident history is systemised and stored in DNV GL’s Worldwide Offshore Accident Databank - Woad.

WOAD accident data collection
WOAD accident database

Offshore risk assessments and emergency planning

Safeti's Woad software is the world’s most comprehensive data source of its kind available for offshore risk assessments and emergency planning.

Learning lessons learnt from accidents is vital in order to avoid accidents in the future. Knowledge of past accidents serves as important input to risk assessment with respect to hazard identification, consequence evaluation, decision support, and identification of high risk areas.

Typical users of Woad software are:

  • Energy companies
  • Rig owners
  • Drilling operators
  • Salvage
  • Authorities
  • Insurance
  • Consultants

Benefits of Woad software

Woad provides an effortless way to access data with powerful, easy-to-use filtering, one-click reporting and export to Microsoft Word and Excel. The database includes information such as:

  • Information of over six thousand accidents and incidents from 1970 to date.
  • Technical information about approximately 3700 offshore units including mobile drilling unit’s location and operation mode at any time.
  • Data on a number of parameters such as name, type and operation mode of the unit involved in the accident, date, geographical location, chain of events, causes and consequences, and evacuation details.

Accident Databank

Woad software has the world's most comprehensive accident data collection of its kind

DNV GL has collected accident data and provided the offshore industry with statistical material since 1975. The data sources included, go back to 1970 and the 40-year experience of world wide offshore accident history is today systemised and stored in DNV GL’s Worldwide Offshore Accident Databank, the Woad software. It is continuously being updated with the latest information available from authorities, official publications and reports, newspapers, databases, rig owners, and operators globally.

All Safeti's Woad software data, reporting and filtering functionality is delivered through a web application located at http://woad.dnv.com.

Practical applications of knowledge gained from the Woad software:

Risk Assessment – A designer with knowledge about historical events and details behind accidents, will be able to avoid design errors and minimize consequences of potential events

Emergency Planning and Safety Drill – If we know what dangers we may be faced with, safer designs may be developed, and efficient protected escape routes dedicated and kept open. Personnel may be drilled on realistic situations to respond properly in emergency situations and avoid panic

Production Regularity and Revenue – Small incidents with minor danger to personnel or property may cause large losses due to reduced production. Woad contains information on small incidents and repair times and cost.