Use the Leak software to calculate leak frequency - An established technical failure frequency database to calculate leak frequency in process equipment and manage your risk.

Leak software to calculate leak frequency
Leak software to calculate leak frequency

Calculate leak frequency

Safeti's Leak software has a built-in technical database with extensive risk and reliability data from industry sources. On the basis of this, the software is used to calculate the leak frequencies of sets of equipment, segments, areas and installations from a set of base element data. The output from the Leak software can be used to provide important information on which parts of the plant or types of equipment are most likely to generate leaks. It ensures that any changes to an installation can be accounted for quickly and easily in the frequency assessment. In addition, sensitivity analysis for a range of hole sizes or release rates can be performed efficiently and in a structured manner.

Benefits of the Leak software

  • Access to an extensive database of risk and reliability data from validated sources
  • An efficient way of generating frequency data for use in Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • The database is customisable, allowing you to update and extend the records to match your organisation's needs
  • A living database of leak frequencies that is updated regularly with new information based on UK HSE data
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software.

Leak software makes complex calculations seem easy

To calculate frequencies for events based on historical records with Safeti's Leak software, you need the historical failure frequencies for leaks of different sizes and from different types of equipment, (e.g. flanges, pipes, vessels). These historical frequencies should then be multiplied by the inventory in your system. If your system is complex these calculations will involve a large volume of input data and will take a significant amount of time if performed by hand. The historical data can also be time-consuming to find. The Leak software makes your task much easier and provides you with a validated database of failure frequencies on which you can build your analysis.