Taking hazard and risk analysis one step further

Phast and Safeti QRA software - the most comprehensive software for consequence modelling and Quantitative Risk Assessment

More than just compliance

The management of risks from major accident hazard facilities has historically focused on safe operation rather than areas such as improved financial performance or increased productivity. But with major advances in Information and Communication Technology and the maturing of technology in other domains, the emphasis has moved beyond straight-forward compliance with safety legislation.

With greater global competition and much more challenging margins, there is now less opportunity to invest in activities that do not contribute directly to the bottom line, or are perceived as such. ICT advances, along with growth in Internet technology, have brought a highly connected environment where corporations can share information and collaborate globally. Combined with this is a need for corporations to be more transparent in their corporate governance and demonstrate their performance in relation to the environment and society as well as financially.

Quantify your risks, increase your profit

DNV GL's Phast and Safeti QRA software provides a comprehensive suite of software to help you assess and manage your risks. As risk professionals we know that “Good Safety means Good Business” but demonstrating this to stakeholders is not always straightforward.

Phast and Safeti QRA software package provides a unique range of applications and tools supporting best risk management practice. Whether you are interested in the assessment of individual and societal risk for managing plant safety, or the overall financial risks associated with your plant, from the environmental, social or economic perspective, the QRA package includes a comprehensive set of tools to help you.


Configured to meet your exact requirements

The Phast and Safeti QRA software package is available in a number of configurations with applications available for each stage of your QRA process. The core applications within the Phast and Safeti QRA software package help with each of the key stages of your QRA including Hazard Identification, Consequence Modelling, Frequency Analysis and Risk Assessment and Management.



Industry hazard analysis software tool. DNV GL's Phast software, is a tool used to analyse situations which present hazards to life, property and the environment, and to quantify their severity.

Phast Lite

An entry level hazard analysis software tool. Phast Lite is an introductory version of Phast with reduced functionality.


Onshore QRA software system - A user-friendly, industry standard method for carrying out Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA) of onshore process, chemical and petrochemical facilities.


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WEBINAR - Consequence Modelling and Quantitative Risk Assessment

Phast and Safeti are the the most comprehensive software systems for consequence modelling and Quantitative Risk Assessment. The webinar demonstrates the latest release of DNV Software's next generation consequence modelling tools Phast 7 and Safeti.