Navigator software - for ship operations


Reducing on-board paperwork by up to 90%

The Master’s Digital Assistant

Professional shipping companies select Navigator (previously named DNV Navigator) for smarter document handling, ship reporting and performance. Navigator is the future solution for efficient ship operations and management.

Navigator meets all regulatory and statutory requirements and ensures compliant ship operations.

Key benefits of Navigator:

  • Improved ship performance
  • Increased focus and attention on safe and compliant operations
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Reduced IT risk and complexity

In many ways, we owe the success of Navigator to all our dedicated users. Their constructive feedback ensures quality and enables constant product development, which benefits all members of the Navigator community.

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Navigator Port

■ Ports and terminals
■ Checklists and forms
■ Certificates and logs
■ Rules and regulations
■ Distance tables

Navigator Performance

■ Fleet performance monitoring
■ Ship-to-shore reporting
■ Technically safeguarding data quality

Navigator Seaware

■ Weather routing
■ Sea-keeping
■ Post voyage analysis
■ Fleet performance analysis


Navigator Port video

Hot topics

Navigator Port user course

The course focuses on best practice use of the Navigator Port product modules and focuses on how to utilize the system to save time and improve quality of the ship reporting.