Calculation and analysis of safety against crankshaft fatigue failure in diesel engines, and safety against slippage for semi built crankshafts.


Crankshaft Fatigue

Calculation method

The Nauticus Machinery Crankshaft Fatigue software tool can calculate the safety against fatigue based on DNV’s Classification Note no. 41.3 (2002). The program also covers the corresponding calculation method according to the CIMAC/IACS method. The calculation method applies to diesel engines for both main propulsion and auxiliary purpose, being designed for continuous operation at the specified rating. Further, the methods applies to solid forged per semi built crankshafts of forged and cast steel, and with one crank throw between main bearings.

Applications of the Crankshaft Fatigue failure software

  • Generator sets

Benefits of the Crankshaft Fatigue failure software

  • Calculation according to DNV’s Rules and CIMAC/IACS (IACS bluebook M53) in the same tool
  • Import functions for cylinder pressures or theoretical calculation method
  • Flexible input options (use pre-defined input for e.g. stress concentration factors or let the program calculate it)
  • Advanced report generator

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