DNV Stavanger is happy to invite you to "Look to Stavanger 2013" on the 17 April - a technical and cultural networking event at Stavanger's new concert hall.

The program will consist of interesting presentations by enthusiastic speakers as well as a social program followed by dinner and a spectacular Killer Queen concert.

Look to Stavanger 17 April 2013 - Program
Eirik Jacobsen, DNV

Corporate Social Responsibility
Sven Mollekleiv, DNV

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is, simply put, how each and every one of us go about our business. CSR is not something that can be the responsibility of an HR-manager or a legal department, it is a part of our daily business, it is how we implement our values and code of ethics. We are all faced by difficult choices and dilemmas, and how DNV fares when it comes to CSR depends on the choices we all make on a daily basis.

Sven Mollekleiv

Senior Vice President - DNV Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility and DNVs “ombudsman” world-wide. He is also the DNV representative in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), as well as DNVs representative in UN Global Compact. He chaired the board of "Voluntariness Norway" and has held the position as general secretary of Norwegian Red Cross for 10 years.

Besides his position in DNV, he is now president of Norwegian Red Cross, deputy chairman of the International Red Cross committee for the disabled. Sven is also member of the reputation committee (omdømmeutvalget) established by the minister of foreign affairs and member of the ethical-panel and the foreign-aid board in NHO.


Energy Efficiency - is it good for business?

Bjørn Berger, DNV, Head of Environment and Energy Efficiency, Maritime Advisory

The cost of fuel is a hot topic in shipping today and the industry is focusing on reducing fuel consumption. What can we do to reduce the fuel bill? Is this a technical challenge or is it more to it? Environment is another topic related to fuel and energy efficiency. How is environmental pressure influencing shipping? What is the industry doing and how will it impact the business?

About Bjørn Berger

Bjørn has a MSc degree from Glasgow University in 1988. After graduating he joined DNV Research in Oslo before moving to Ship and Offshore Division. In 1992 Bjørn moved to DNV in Aberdeen to work on offshore projects. He returned to the DNV head office in 1999. He has since 1999 been working in various positions in Oslo, and he is currently working as Head of Environment and Energy Efficiency in DNV Maritime Advisory.

In 2001 Bjørn took a year out and participated in the BT Global Challenge Round the World race sailing as watch captain on Spirit of Hong Kong, racing the wrong way around the world.



Coffee break

Technical Integrity Management Program
Morten Sørum, Statoil

Technical Integrity Management Programme, - A step change in managing technical integrity in the oil and gas industry - A case study from Statoil.
An initiative (TIMP) was launched to develop and implement a new technical integrity management system for measuring and follow-up of the technical condition of safety barriers, well-, production- and transportation systems, and load bearing structures.
TIMP comprises of:
• An ambitious competence development programme
• A standardised work process
• A methodology to assess the technical condition at equipment-, system and facility level
• An IT tool to visualise technical integrity and assist daily work processes

About Morten Sørum

Morten Sørum is a Senior Advisor in Safety at Statoil, working for the Safety and Sustainability Competence center. Before Easter, he was responsible for the HSE risk management in the corporate HSE staff, and took part in the development of Statoil’s Technical Integrity Management Program (TIMP) as a safety resource. Morten was chief engineer for safety technology in Statoil until the merger with Hydro. He also worked for DNV with risk and reliability from 1978 to 1991.


Lifetime Extention
Erik Østby, DNV

The scope of lifetime extension projects varies considerably from just applying for further operation according with minimal upgrades of the facilities to new buildings and extensive technical modifications of production and transportation facilities. DNV will share our experiences in assisting operators in their efforts to prolong the technical and economic lifetime of their assets.

About Erik Østby

He has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant in safety and reliability assessment and practical application of risk based techniques for improvement and optimization of offshore operations with emphasis on operational and maintenance activities, production regularity, technical integrity and HSE.

25 years of management experience as head of various HSE and Asset risk management consulting service in DNV.

Key position in developing asset risk management and operational change management services. Detailed experience in application of the maintenance and operational optimization models, including practical implementation of the results into client’s management and operational systems.

16:10Coffee break

Kan vi lære noe av menn i korte bukser?
Erik Thorstvedt

Erik er tidligere fotballspiller, og regnes av mange som Norges beste keeper gjennom tidene. Han har spilt profesjonelt i Sverige, Tyskland og England, og har til sammen 97 A-landskamper for Norge.

Thorstvedt har etter endt fotballkarriere vært keepertrener på landslaget, sportsdirektør, forfatter, ekspertkommentator, programleder og gründer.
Han er de siste årene kanskje mest kjent fra TV Norges to programserier Heia Tufte!

17:30Networking dinner
20:00Concert "Killer Queen"

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