From operational excellence to knowledge management, DNV is a trusted partner that can help you manage your risks in all areas.
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    Risk management

    DNV can assist businesses in identifying, assessing, and mitigate risks and increase your ability to meet your objectives.

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    Maritime advisory

    DNV provides a wide range of advisory services within commercial, operational and technology management for the maritime industry.

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    ISRS™: for the health of your business

    ISRS is a world leading system to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of an organisation’s business processes. Using ISRS gives organisations and their stakeholders peace of mind that their operations are safe and sustainable.

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    Knowledge management

    Knowledge is one of the most important and determining assets in global companies. DNV is a trusted partner that can help you to share, capture, develop and exploit your critical knowledge. [site]

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    Operational excellence

    DNV can help you ask the right questions to uncover real performance, compare this with industry best practices and identify improvement opportunities.

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    We provide risk management services to biological containment laboratories and other sectors working with potentially harmful biological organisms and their products.

Hot topics

Climate change

Our services support companies in creating a competitive advantage through economically and environmentally sound solutions to evolving climate change policy, both in GHG regulated and non-regulated sectors. These services include strategic risk assessment, risk management, positioning for competitive advantage and climate-friendly consumer product development.